4 Ways To Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Exhaustion During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Feel Amazing

4 Ways to Reduce Emotional Stress from COVID-19

Practice Emotional Anchoring Using the 4G’s Method

Is your head still spinning?

Mine is and I’m pretty sure it’s not COVID-19. Although, every time I cough, clear my throat or feel warm I’m convinced I’m COVID-19’s next victim.

The exhaustion, the stress, the anxiety is everywhere and in everyone. It’s real and we have to move past it, in order to survive: in order to have something resembling a decent life.

It’s not easy having the rules of life change so suddenly and so shockingly. And yet here we are. What are we to do when everything is a convulsive state of flux?

Here’s what we can do: we can practice the 4G’s of emotional anchoring. By consistently processing what we are grieving, gaining, grateful for, and giving we can become the anchor that weathers the chaotic swirl around us.

Best of all it’s really simple and really effective. Practice this exercise twice a day: in the morning and in the evening and observe your levels of confidence rise.

Watch how more stable and strong you feel!

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